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"To Find And Still Seek, Now That Is Love"

– The Marriage Journal

What's The Marriage Journal?

A beautiful 52 week hardcover journal that creates a habit of connecting and communicating with your spouse.

Why The Marriage Journal?

The Marriage Journal creates a time and space for healthy, productive, and consistent communication.

When to do The Journal?

Once a week - every week. Pick a time that works for both you and your spouse and commit to it weekly.

6 Weekly Questions To Help Build An Amazing Marriage

The core of The Marriage Journal is the 6 weekly questions that will help you:

+ Clarify each others needs and desires.

+ Feel connected through the intimacy that meaningful conversation provides

+ Prevent a week from going by without healthy communication

+ Understand where you've been, learn where you are, and navigate where you are going - together

Having Trouble Finding Time To Connect With Your Spouse?

Quality time rarely happens on accident. Do you feel the slow urge of apathy creeping in? Do you feel like you haven't talked about anything besides work, kids, and responsibilities in weeks?

We've been there - and there's a solution! It's called The Marriage Journal - a weekly rhythm of consistent communication. Push back against the tide of busy and make sure not a week goes by without intimacy, understanding, and growth.

How Does The Marriage Journal Work?

Designed to work with one (1) journal per couple. 

#1: Mission + Vision

The journal starts by laying a foundation for your family by discussing and writing out a mission statement for your marriage, some family pillars you want to stand for, and your yearly goals. This is crucial to set the direction and vision for your marriage.

#2: Calendar

Each week starts with a weekly calendar to communicate about the week ahead and get on the same page about upcoming events, date night, dinner plans, etc. Don't leave anything left behind. This is the space to discuss life and all the details that come with it.

#3: Devotional

Every week starts with a short word of encouragement. This is designed to encourage you with truths about healthy marriages and the beauty of love. They can spark discussion, or simply be a time to pause and reflect.

#4: Weekly Questions

This is the core of the journal and the secret to it's success. Each week, you'll ask each other the same six questions and record each others answers to them. Take turns being the one to record the answers each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the calendar for?

The calendar is a section to communicate about the week ahead and make sure you both are on the same page. It's a space to write down date night, dinner at moms house, and any other event that needs communicating about.

Do I buy one (1) journal, or a journal for both of us?

Yes, we (Jer&Auj) use one journal for the both of us and ask the questions aloud to each other while we take turns being the one to record the answers each week.

Are they the same questions every week?

Yes, they are the same six (6) questions every week. However, every fourth week there are two (2) additional questions. We call these the "monthly check-ins." 1. How are we stewarding our finances? 2. How is our sex life?

How long does the Journal go for?

The Marriage Journal is a 52 week journal. It will last you a whole year!

Are the devotionals Christian focused?

Yes, the weekly encouragements are written from a Christian perspective. However, they are basic truths about marriage and are applicable for everyone.

Is this Journal still good for "non-religious" people?

Absolutely! Connecting, communicating and being intentional about marriage is a healthy habit for everyone - no matter your religious beliefs.