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A Love Letter Life & The Marriage Journal – BUNDLE

A Love Letter Life & The Marriage Journal – BUNDLE

$54.99 $45.00

Get both A Love Letter Life & The Marriage Journal™ for one discounted price!

Invest in your marriage with this ultimate marriage bundle! This will be the gift that keeps on giving and makes for a perfect wedding or anniversary gift for yourself, or friends. 

What's included:

The Marriage Journal™ – Acclaimed as "the best communication tool for a healthy marriage." This journal is a simple yet profound tool in helping you and your spouse consistently connect and have a meaningful conversation every week. Marriage is a lot like our physical health, it requires consistent work or it will unnoticeably start to degrade. Join thousands of marriages who are pushing back against the tide of "too busy" and using this once a week tool communicate, connect, and actually grow more in love. 

A Love Letter Life – A New York Times Bestselling book and nearing 100K copies sold. This is more than a "cute love story." It's an exploration of what it means to love. As Jer & Auj state, if you can fall into love, you can most definitely fall out of it. Love is alive. So what makes it die? And what makes it thrive? Join the Roloffs as they share their story and explore what it means to have A Love Letter Life.


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